The Impostor’s Daughter: A True Memoir

Back Bay Books - Laurie sandell grew up in awe and sometimes in terror of her larger-than-life father, heroism during Vietnam, who told jaw-dropping tales of a privileged childhood in Buenos Aires, academic triumphs, friendships with Kissinger and the Pope. Now, laurie begins to puzzle together three decades of lies and the splintered person that resulted from them--herself.

As a young woman, lesbian seductress, Laurie unconsciously mirrors her dad, trying on several outsized personalities Tokyo stripper, Ambien addict. Growing up with her extraordinary father has given Laurie a knack for relating to the stars. Later, she lucks into the perfect job--interviewing celebrities for a top women's magazine.

The Impostor's Daughter: A True Memoir - But while researching an article on her dad's life, she makes an astonishing discovery: he's not the man he says he is--not even close.

Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family

Little, Brown and Company - Had they been tricked, too? with unprecedented access to the surviving family members—wife Ruth, son Andrew and his fiancée Catherine Hooper—journalist Laurie Sandell reveals the personal details behind the headlines. But the pressures of enduring the massive scandal push them to their breaking points, most of all son Mark, whose suicide is one of the many tragedies that grew in the wake of the scandal.

How did andrew and mark, divorces, the sons who’d spent their lives believing in and building their own families around their father’s business first learn of the massive deception? How does a wife, who adored her husband since they were teenagers, begin to understand the ramifications of his actions? The Madoffs were a tight-knit—even claustrophobic—clan, sticking together through marriages, and illnesses.

Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family - . Muzzled by lawyers, vilified by the media and roundly condemned by the public, the Madoffs have chosen to keep their silence—until now. Madoff was taken away from his posh manhattan apartment in handcuffs, accused of swindling thousands of innocent victims—including friends and family—out of billions of dollars in the world’s largest Ponzi scheme.

But what happened to his devoted wife and sons? The people closest to him, the public reasoned, must have known the truth behind his astounding success. Ultimately, family, lies, theirs is one of the most riveting stories of our time: a modern-day Greek tragedy about money, power, truth and consequences.

In december 2008, the world watched as master financier Bernard L. Madoff went to jail; he will spend the rest of his life there.

The Photographer: Into War-torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders

First Second - Title: the photographer into war-torn afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders Binding: Paperback Author: EmmanuelGuibert Publisher: FirstSecond First Second.

Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary

McSweeney's Publishing - First Second. A lost classic of underground cartooning, Binky Brown Meets the Holy VirginMary is Justin Green’s autobiographical portrayal of his struggle withreligion and his own neuroses. Deeply confessional, with artwork that veers wildlybetween formalist and hallucinogenic, Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Maryis the controversial masterpiece that invented the autobiographical graphicnovel.

. Binky brown is a young catholic battling allthe usual problems of adolescence—puberty, parents, and the fear that thestrange ray of energy emanating from his private parts will strike a pictureof the Virgin Mary.