The Duke’s Secret Seduction Classic Regency Romances Book 20

Beyond the Page - Douglas. About the author:donna lea Simpson is a nationally bestselling romance and mystery novelist with more than twenty titles to her credit. Until a startling revelation from alban’s aunt shocks them both into realizing what’s at stake, and forces Alban to recognize that if he’s to have any chance at happiness, he’ll have to open his eyes—and his heart—to Kittie’s true beauty and the promise of unwavering love.

She lives in Canada. Her long list of passions include cats and tea, cooking and vintage cookware, cross-stitching and watercolor painting. From the author of lord haven’s deception comes a Regency romance celebrating the witty and romantic world that fans of Georgette Heyer have fallen in love with. Simpson excels at imbuing her realistic characters with subtle depths!” —john charles, the Duke of Alban decides to withdraw from the depressing swirl of London for a trip to the north, American Library AssociationScarred and hardened by the betrayal of his late wife and his latest mistress, where he can visit his beloved aunt and regain the composure that has deserted him.

The Duke's Secret Seduction Classic Regency Romances Book 20 - . This book was originally published as The Duke and Mrs. But his hopes for a serene retreat are dashed by the voluptuous beauty of Kittie Douglas, the young widow who serves as his aunt’s companion and stirs a deep longing—and a deep mistrust—within him. Kittie has long heard about the duke’s upstanding character and has imagined him to be a paragon of male virtue, but meeting the man leaves her with a distinctly different impression: though he’s strikingly handsome, his late wife’s duplicity has left him moody, taciturn, and even suspicious of her intentions where his well-to-do aunt is concerned.

But perhaps most frustrating is that he’s blind to her own upright nature and tender inclinations, unaware that she harbors a deep wish to soothe his heart and make him whole again.

Rescuing the Earl The Seven Curses of London Book 3

Lana Williams - But her determination isn’t enough to keep her son safe. As passions ignite, grace and Tristan must determine if they can rescue each other from their past demons before fate forces them apart. Get your copy today and travel to Victorian London for an adventure you won't soon forget! Her predicament goes from bad to worse when she’s left ill and penniless alongside a deserted road in the pouring rain, not realizing the danger she faces is just beginning.

Rather than celebrating his betrothal, seeks refuge at his country estate, the Earl of Adair, Tristan Hawke, hoping to convince himself he hasn’t made a mistake by proposing marriage for all the wrong reasons. Grace refuses tristan’s efforts to aid her, certain she must stand on her own, especially since the handsome earl is engaged.

Rescuing the Earl The Seven Curses of London Book 3 - But his efforts to maintain his distance are thwarted by his houseguests as they force him to consider that a gentle spirit might be the perfect antidote to his darkness. A usa today bestseller!a twist on the classic beauty and the beast tale set in Victorian London. A tormented earla gentle widowboth in need of rescueAfter several suspicious accidents nearly kill her young son, Matthew, flee their home in the dark of night, and her son, Grace Stannus, a widowed viscountess, their identities concealed.

His world is upended when his coach strikes a woman. Fearing the worst, Tristan takes Grace and Matthew to his home.

A Duke's Distraction Devilish Lords Book 2

- He's looking for a duchess. She may have even found it in the handsome young gentleman she's set her sights on. His mother has prospective wives lined up for him, all perfectly fitted for the role. He should help her find a husband to rid himself of her distractions, but that's easier said than done when it quickly becomes clear that her taste in husbands is abysmal.

Roxborough is far too dull for her tastes. She could make him jealous, by feigning interest in her sister's brother-in-law, for example, the Duke of Roxborough. So boring, so stodgy. Yet, such a surprisingly passionate kisser. With roxborough's new title comes more pressure than ever to marry. To make matters worse, she seems to have the oddest effect on him.

A Duke's Distraction Devilish Lords Book 2 - The more she tells him how safe and predictable he is, the more he's tempted to kiss her senseless. It is all for show, of course. Unfortunately, her rival has the same designs on society's most sought-after poet. She's looking for.

Lord of Temptation: Regency Romance Novel Rogues to Riches Book 4

WebMotion - She controls half a boarding school, one life-endangering secret, and two recently gentrified parents. Here's their chance to share his home! but how can he convince a woman whose trust he destroyed that he desires her far more than her money?Faith Digby's chaotic world is too full to bother with men. Years later, she rises from commoner to textiles heiress.

There's no time for the old flame roaring back into her life. Hawk has never banished her from his heart. Be careful what you wish for. When lord hawkridge inherits a penniless marquessate, he must abandon his courtship of the lowborn girl he loves. Not when admitting she still loves him would imperil everything and everyone she holds dear.

Lord of Temptation: Regency Romance Novel Rogues to Riches Book 4 - . In the rogues to riches historical romance series by usa today and New York Times bestselling author Erica Ridley, Cinderella stories aren’t just for princesses… Sigh-worthy Regency rogues sweep strong-willed young ladies into whirlwind romance with rollicking adventure. Lord of chancelord of pleasureLord of NightLord of TemptationLord of SecretsLord of Vice.

You Never Forget Your First Earl The Worthingtons Book 5

Zebra Books - Now geoffrey faces his greatest challenge: to woo and win his own wife, or risk losing her for good. Within the worthingtons’ extended family circle, laughter and romance rule, and a young lady never settles for less than true love. A fun read. Kirkus reviews on it started with a Kiss“Quinn offers a refreshing take on historical-romance conventions.

. Lord harrington must marry or lose a prestigious position in Brussels, and pretty, well-connected Elizabeth fits his needs admirably. Grace burrowes’ readers will also appreciate the intelligent commentary on issues of the day. Booklist on when a Marquis Chooses a Bride. But could it be that he has underestimated his bride? She doesn’t bat an eye in the face of the danger they encounter overseas.

You Never Forget Your First Earl The Worthingtons Book 5 - . Praise for the worthingtons“the happy and chaotic family life that takes place around the edges of the love story is what makes this novel so delightful. She’s strong-willed, intelligent, and more enticing each day—yet also more indifferent to him. With her three good friends all recently married, Elizabeth Turley is ready for some husband-hunting of her own.

He’s also just a bit too sure of himself.

The Gossip of an Earl The Widows of the Aristocracy Book 1

Twisted Teacup Publishing - He's only allowed to see her once each week, however. That, or he'll print the news of her kiss with fennington in The Tattler!Jane Vandermeer, Dowager Countess of Stoneleigh, is considering a move to the Continent—a year of mourning after a loveless marriage has left her wanting something more. Who will know but them?when the earl asks permission to marry Emelia, her father denies him, requiring him instead to court Emelia for eight weeks.

Pepperidge in the park once a week to provide him the on-dit she hears whilst paying calls in Mayfair parlors. A different Jane. Hurt and angered, jane goes about trying to discover the truth while Andrew is seeing to the restoration of the childhood home he hopes to share with Jane. With mistaken identities ruling the reports in the tattler and a new Gossip Goddess sharing news of obscure aristocrats, is it any wonder the members of the ton love to hate gossip? Or do they really love "The Gossip of an Earl"? The Tattler knows!

The Gossip of an Earl The Widows of the Aristocracy Book 1 - Extra! extra! Read all about it. The earl of fennington has a secret identity—that of Mr. That is, until the tattler prints a report of Andrew kissing Lady Jane in the gardens during the ball. Emelia will have to meet Mr.

The Honorable Scoundrels Trilogy

Sophie Barnes - Confined to each other’s company for a week, the more temptation beckons…As the youngest sister, and the closer they become, friendship starts to bloom, Eve is tasked with making a respectable match. So when she takes a wrong turn on her way to meet her friend and finds herself snowed in at Blackhall Castle with the handsome yet reclusive Earl of Ravenworth, she must decide if following her heart is worth the risk of scandal…Life has been a constant struggle for Louise in recent years.

Please note that this book is a compilation of three previously published novellas: The Governess Who Captured His Heart, The Earl Who Loved Her and The Duke Who Came To Town. Impoverished, the potter sisters have few prospects, yet each is about to find love in the most unlikely of ways… When Louise sets out to accompany her new employer’s uncle to the Northern part of England, she expects to share her journey with an older gentleman.

The Honorable Scoundrels Trilogy - Instead, she finds seduction itself in the form of Alistair Clay Hedgewick, heir to the Duke of Langley. So when an arrogant duke arrives on her doorstep and starts making demands, she is livid. But when he enlists her help in saving his business, she starts to realize that this man is so much more than she ever imagined – the sort of man who can lead her straight into temptation…A heartwarming series filled with laughter and love, these three little treats are the perfect stories for you to enjoy this holiday season.

The Dukes of Vauxhall

Kydala Publishing, Inc. - And the buccaneer son of a royal duke goes hunting for a respectable, highborn wife to salvage his scandalous reputation. Let the pleasures begin. Two balls. Four dukes. One prizefight. Vauxhall pleasure Gardens will never be the same. After england’s victory in the battle of Waterloo, the Prince Regent arranges a series of lavish celebrations at London’s notorious Vauxhall Gardens.

A traveler who inherited a dukedom needs a tightrope dancer’s help with a fake engagement that just might turn real. A retired prizefighter, once known as the Duke of the Ring, stakes his reputation on a scrappy young boxer for the sake of a long-lost love. The royal festivities bring together the rich and the desperate, the criminal and the lordly…and allow four very different dukes to find the love of a lifetime.

The Dukes of Vauxhall - A proper viscount is kidnapped by a duke of the criminal underworld, only to encounter a mysterious woman from his past.

Falling from His Grace Gentlemen of Temptation Book 1

Lyrical Press - How did the minx even know the place existed? And how has he allowed himself to give in to temptation and kiss her? More perplexing: she has vowed the kiss won’t be the last. That’s how i felt while reading this book, like every page was better than the previous. But that doesn’t mean no surprises. Liliah durary’s father has cruelly demanded she marry her best friend, Meyer, though no romantic feeling exists between them.

Welcome to a London Gaming Hell like no other. A place where anonymity is your security—no names, no faces, no strings. Obsessed. But when a young courtesan at the club’s masquerade appears far too innocent, his suspicions are raised—along with his interest. Just try to put this down, I dare you. 1 new york times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken on Heart of a Cowboy.

Falling from His Grace Gentlemen of Temptation Book 1 - In fact, rebecca, meyer and Liliah’s other best friend, are truly in love. Still, she intends to experience pleasure before she is wed.

Lady in Waiting Reluctant Brides Book 1

Avon Impulse - Determined not to be chained to a man she loathes, Clara slips out of Essex and sheds her identity: she becomes Helen, maid at the Earl of Ashworth’s country estate. After all, below stairs is the last place anyone would think to look for an heiress. What he needs is a noble and accomplished wife, one who can further the Ashworth line and keep the family name untarnished.

But clara knows william is falling for Helen, a woman who doesn’t even exist. What she doesn't expect is to find herself engaged to the vile Baron Rutherford as a means of salvaging her family's reputation. When clara mayfield helps her sister elope, she’s prepared for the scandal to seal her fate as a spinster.

Lady in Waiting Reluctant Brides Book 1 - . He wants to forget his past. The question is, if she reveals the truth about her identity, can she trust the broken William to forgive her lie and stand by her side when scandal—and the baron—inevitably follow her to his door? Haunted by memories of what was and determined to live up to the title he never expected to inherit, William doesn’t have time for love.

She wants to escape her present.

When a Lord Loves a Lady: A Waltz with a Rogue Collection 1-5: Historical Regency Romance Novels

Blue Rose Romance - Can they overcome their pasts and old wounds to find love once more?Bride of Falcon: Noblewoman, Ivonne Wimpleton is resigned to spinsterhood until she decides to win the heart of the man she’s loved since girlhood—Chancy Faulkenhurst a penniless soldier who’s just returned from India disfigured and disillusioned.

Buy the historical anthology and settle into your favorite reading nook to binge read these heart-warming romantic adventures you can’t put down. Do you choose love even if it means scandal and a broken heart?A FIVE-BOOK Regency Romance collection uniting wallflowers, wounded soldiers, and spinsters with roguish lords, bluestockings, and even a dashing pirate.

When a Lord Loves a Lady: A Waltz with a Rogue Collection 1-5: Historical Regency Romance Novels - But philomena pomphrett’s reluctant acceptance forces her to trust the man she thinks betrayed her once already. To tame a scoundrel’s Heart: Dominic St. Her scandalous wish: when an obligatory marriage offer turns into an unexpected second chance for love, Bradford Kingsley seizes it. Until morgan rescues her from drowning, and they can’t deny the powerful and sensual spark between them.

These page-turning regency romances by a USA Today bestselling author are sigh-worthy tales that will make you smile as you flip through the pages. Scorned and ridiculed most of her adult life, Shona Atterberry never hoped to marry. Monté, a privateer-turned-duke, enlists the help of Katrina Needham in finding a bride.

If you enjoy reading strong heroine, and marriage of convenience love stories with a dash of suspense, a sprinkle of humor, friends to lovers, and gripping emotion then you’ll adore Collette Cameron’s mesmerizing WHEN A LORD LOVES A LADY.