Pursuing The Plug

Royalty Publishing House #ad - Heavy in the game. Ever. Rafeeq suited them all. Heavy cash flow. If there’s nothing else you’ve learned about the first Mr. Rafeeq is no different from his father, his chase also filled with elation and determination. With the hustle of his father and a heart that reflects his mother’s, Rafeeq Jones was bound for eminence.

Heavy-handed. Happiness was unobtainable for Hampsher Wells. Heavy pockets. As a sole entity, his parents gave him free reign in young adulthood, which led to his unfathomable career choice. His heaviness in the streets caused him to lead a lonesome lifestyle that he had no desire to transform. However, the woman he’s after doesn’t plan on being caught.

Pursuing The Plug #ad - She’d convinced herself of it since the deadly killing of her mother, which she’d watched from the banister of her home at the age of seven. Jones, you’re vetted on his persistence. At least not until he meets Hampsher, the radiating reflection of himself. Heavy hitter. The streets refer to him as “Heavy”, a pseudonym representing more than his frame.



Money is the Motto

Mercy B Publications #ad - Money malaya Richardson is able to attest to the fact. Love, this is a custom Chanel piece. Prepare to be ambushed by the irresistible, unbelievably enticing Prophet. You don’t wear custom Chanel to three-star restaurants. The earrings alone were $2, 500 I’m standing on half-buffed floors in front of people who don’t deserve either of our presence and you’re as dazzling as I imagined.

Here you are, ready to – unknowingly – hand it to them. Prophet shoved his hands into both of his pockets to keep himself in line. However, your comfort will always be the mission and Money will always be the motto. Reaching his full potential in height, Prophet buttoned the single button that he’d undone upon reaching Money.

Money is the Motto #ad - Tittering, he leaned in, again, “money, and asked, you trying to get me sent back upstate from bodying one of ‘em about you?”“Please, ” she sneered. You’re killing me, Money. It’s niggas in here wishing upon a star for that $2, 500 to fall out of the sky right now and would do just about anything to get it.

His spell isn't able to be escaped so easily. Walking out of that door will be harder than the two years I just did.


Pursuing The Plug 2

Royalty Publishing House #ad - There hasn’t been a single situation that someone amongst the entire clan didn’t have a solution to. Up until the heavy hearts, loads, thoughts and losses. Join the first family as they begin to piece together the life that’s left within them with hope of a better tomorrow because almost anything is better than their yesterday.

 . That was up until now. For the first time in life, Heavy, for the Jones’, is an understatement. Heavy hearts. Heavy loads. Heavy thoughts. Heavy losses. In the second and final installment of Pursuing the Plug, discover the depths of pain after losing everything you love.


When My Soul Met A Thug: a Standalone novel

Jessica Watkins Presents #ad - However, that ring came with such a devastating blow, leaving Remi unsure how she will ever recover… until she meets True and Coop. His side chick was money. She remained loyal through every lie and infidelity in hopes that her patience and understanding will eventually bring her “happily ever after” with her one true love.

When My Soul Met A Thug: a Standalone novel #ad - True was gone, lucky for coop, but, unable to fix what she’d broken, True found a way. Remi has been with Banks for ten years. A hustler, his right-hand man, was his only family. Then he met True. Being with her felt like being lost in the right direction. Falling in love was not in the plan. Unbeknownst to her, these two strangers will mend her broken heart and cause her life to never, ever be the same again.

This is a heart-wrenching, yet warming, story of broken women who find love in their darkest hours from the most unexpected and hardened hearts.  . Coop had thawed out his icy heart and given it to True. Finally, banks gives her what she has always wanted… a ring.


Wifed Up By A Street Legend

Talehia Presents LLC #ad - He had been through a lot, and seen a lot at a young age, which made him numb to life. But when it goes and gets tough, who’s willing to keep their feet planted and fight for the relationship? Will they be standing alone after the dust settles, or will they walk away from all the drama together? Until something changes her life drastically, causing her to be uprooted once again, and placed in the home of an unfamiliar face.

This is a story of two couples from completely different backgrounds falling for each other. Growing up, he was always the relax, quiet, chill brother, who no one really paid attention too. Kaiszer karter was the son of the infamous Kason Karter. You’ll get to know milani, her best friend Toriyah but also the Karter Brothers, Kaizon and Kaiszer.

Wifed Up By A Street Legend #ad - Milani didn’t want for anything, she felt empty inside, she was searching for answers, yet, because nothing made sense to her. At a young age, being adopted by people the complete opposite of her complexion, she had a hard time growing up. After stepping up and providing for his family the only way he knew how, he starts to really get to know himself, and his aura completely changes.

Milani austin had been through hell and back in life. This is no ordinary love story, this is a story that can only be understood through taking a moment to walk in each character’s shoes. Being groomed for the family business since age thirteen, he never got to live a normal life.


So Deep In Love: She Fell in Love with a Thug

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - After he’s cheated on by the only woman he allowed himself to trust, Ghost promises to get even. And even more unfortunately, Carli turns out to be the woman Ghost never knew he needed. Black, already a father of two, wants to settle down. Will he be able to secure and enjoy love for the first time in his life, or will Carli be yet another woman that causes him pain?

The only thing these brothers have in common is their love for each other, loyalty for the streets, and the fact that they tolerate disrespect from no one. With baby mama drama coming from two women, he’s hoping when he meets Chloe Fisher that the third time will be the charm. Isaiah “black” and zachariah “Ghost” Anderson are brothers and complete opposites.

So Deep In Love: She Fell in Love with a Thug #ad - Unfortunately, Carli Fisher gets caught up in his scheme of revenge. One night of lust, that’s what they both agreed to, love, but will it be that easy to pull away?Ghost has no desire for marriage, or children. With different yet equally absent fathers, Black and Ghost have polar opposite views on life, fatherhood, and love.

When chloe first meets black, he’s looking for a caregiver for his grandmother, and Chloe is admittedly smitten by him – but that changes when he breaks four of her five rules on their first date.


The Thug That Secured Her Heart 2

Royalty Publishing House #ad - But the brewing conflict is the least of their problems because of the secretive plots set out against Kalmon’s empire. But just when he starts to warm up to everyone again, another tragedy strikes and Kalmon’s heart freezes into a cold ice box. What seemed like a new opportunity to grow with the dangerous yet charming man she’s falling helplessly in love with, soon turns out to be the exact opposite once Kalmon starts pushing her away.

Especially when it quickly leads to her finding comfort in the arms of someone else. After almost losing his life at the hands of his psycho ex-girlfriend and overhearing his younger brother’s possible involvement in his attempted murder, Kalmon feels like he can trust no one. Not his family, not Azia Price and not even himself.

The Thug That Secured Her Heart 2 #ad - Will kalmon no longer be able to secure azia’s heart? 
For Azia, meeting Kalmon Howard was unexpected at first but turned out to be the sweetest taboo. He isolates himself from everyone including the woman he’s fallen deeply for. When a friendly face makes it known that he’s here for Azia in any way possible, she decides to take him up on his offer and lets him into her life, pushing her feelings for the real man she wants to the side.

But will she push them away completely and ultimately push Kalmon out of her life for good? 

Alongside their strained relationship, Kalmon and Azia are both unaware of the brewing conflict between those closest to them. But isolating himself from her is potentially about to be the biggest mistake of his life.

Will azia and kalmon be able to overcome their hardships together, or is this the abrupt and destructive end of their newly formed bond?


Urban Nights: Saint & Narlei Tales From A Hood S1

Mercy B Publications #ad - Though she despised the life she’d been reduced to, it proved to be worth suffering through after a heated encounter with a handsome, wholesome gentleman by the name of Saint. Legendary for its notorious kingpins, high school dropouts and front page worthy drug lord, elevated teen pregnancy rate, poverty-stricken households, high-profile crime, needle-pushers, the forbidden complex maintains its relevancy and continues to supply the community with endless stories to gossip about.

Within the first installation, Narlei is the newest addition to Southern Heights. One night was all he requested of her. Hard times landed her in the projects and she’s fighting daily to return to the life she once was accustomed to. Southern heights, “urban tales, first presented in the classic, ” is commonly referred to as Southside.

Urban Nights: Saint & Narlei Tales From A Hood S1 #ad - It was all he needed to turn her world right side up and finally give her something to thank Southside for. In the new novelette series, ” mercy highlights the current state of Southside, “Urban Nights, bringing forth stories of its residents. Unfortunately, luck isn’t on her side and blessings seem to be few and far apart.


He Brings Out The Hood In Me

Supreme Works Publications #ad - It was then that kahleno felt that maybe it just wasn’t in the cards for him. Chamber of beauty was her baby and was the one thing that she was most proud of. His blind ambition, get’s him into situations where he puts their financial situation at risk. The only thing missing in their lives is a companion to share it with.

Kahleno maler the middle brother, tried love once before with the mother of his four-year-old son, Kahlil. Will he be able to stay afloat, or will he drown in his own inhibitions?In this tale of love and deceit; loyalty is tested, relationships are put on the line and nobody is safe. The catch is, it may cost him Sutton.

With his back against the wall, Trouble is offered a way out of all of his debt. The maler brother’s are living the life that most people dream of, having been passed down the family business, they are making more money than the law should allow. Take this ride to find out if love will prevail. With her father’s help and the insurance money from her mother’s death, Sutton was able to build the hair salon of her dreams.

He Brings Out The Hood In Me #ad - Trouble has never thought that he was good enough for Sutton, he’s always felt like he had something to prove to their relationship. When her fiancé’s gambling debt threatens to destroy what she’s built, Sutton puts her foot down just in time to welcome the persistent attention of none other than Kahleno Maler.

He decided to play the field until the sexy and very taken, Sutton walked into his establishment, then all bets were off.


Kode and Aara: Hood Love is That Good Love

Leo Sullivan Presents #ad - Life is messy, and sometimes love just isn't enough. His legacy has been handed down to him by birthright whether he likes it or not, so he steps up like the legend he is destined to be and handles his business in the streets. As much as aara fights the pull, she just can't seem to stop her heart from wanting what it wants, and that's Kode.

Is he destined to never find a love of his own, or will he stumble into the last thing he was looking for when he least expects it? Aara has lost it all. Find out if love conquers all or if these two are destined to never find an everlasting love that lasts a lifetime. With all of his power, he finds himself attached to a disloyal, treacherous woman and a void in his heart that is only partially filled with the love he has for his princess.

Kode and Aara: Hood Love is That Good Love #ad - Neither dakota nor aara are looking for love, sparks fly, but when they find themselves in the same space, and the pull is too strong to keep them apart. The only light in her life is her work and her best friend until an innocent day at the coffee shop brings the very unexpected into her life. She finds herself building a wall around her heart, only allowing enough space to deal with people that she is unable to build relationships with.

Her entire family was taken away in the blink of an eye. Dakota moretti has it all, money, power, respect, and a daughter whom he loves like no other.


Princess and The Plug

Shan Presents, LLC #ad - His only plan was to free her from sexual servitude never to fall in love her. Especially with unforeseen enemies ready to dismantle his empire. A night of drunken passion brings him and Princess closer than they ever expected with consequences to go along with it. The notorious Hercules Hernandez. Not to mention the fact that they all live under the same roof.

With a father serving life and a mother addicted to drugs she grows up all too fast. That’s more drama than Hercules needs. Princess is one the baddest women he’s ever laid eyes on but she’s not the type of woman he’s used to. At seventeen she’s sold to the infamous Pimp Lucifer to clear her mother’s drug debt.

Princess and The Plug #ad - However, in order to get to that great destiny she has to go through some trials and tribulations. After all he still has ties to his ex wife Miami and his ride or die baby momma Bleu. Find out what happens when A Princess and The Plug gets to meet. Meet the beautiful Princess Delgado from the day she was born she was destined for greatness.

For the next five years of her life she’ll be a part of his Human Trafficking ring. Follow princess and hercules as they embark on a journey of forbidden love that’s filled with lies and deceit.