Mechanical Typewriters: Their History, Value, and Legacy

Schiffer Pub Ltd - Nearly 700 color photographs display mechanical typewriters produced by AdlerTM, CoronaTM, RoyalTM, RemingtonTM, GrundkaTM, MonarchTM, Smith CoronaTM, HallTM, AmericanTM, and many others. Used book in Good Condition. Set designers, historians, and typewriter collectors will learn how technical developments changed the designs through the decades.

A fascinating and scholarly look at the machines that revolutionized office communication from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. An overview of the historical development of the typewriter includes patents and brief histories of the manufacturers. Additionally, a detailed bibliography, index, and current market values in the captions are also provided.

Antique Typewriters: From Creed to Qwerty

Schiffer Publishing - Used book in Good Condition. Over 250 photographs illustrate this definitive text, which includes comprehensive directories of typewriter inventions, and models, makes, and a concise guide to their values with advice on buying and collecting. Since 1973 michael adler's first book, The Writing Machine, has been affectionately called "the bible of the typewriter enthusiast.

The renowned typewriter expert's new book, is sure to stimulate the same enthusiasm all over again, bringing you new and as yet unpublished insights into the origins of the invention itself in a detailed history of the machine. How much? when? where? how good? how rare? who? why? if you are looking for answers to any or all of these questions, Antique Typewriters is the ultimate reference book for you - from the novice typewriter collector to "seasoned old hand" enthusiasts and historians.

Typewriter: A Celebration of the Ultimate Writing Machine

Sterling - This fascinating book celebrates that renaissance through images of the most beautiful, elaborate, curious, and heralded typewriters in history, along with the stories of people who have created and used these beloved machines. Sterling. Written by two typewriter collectors and experts, vintage photographs, patents, it features 125 color photographs tracing the typewriter’s evolution from the nineteenth through the twentieth centuries—ending with the advanced IBM Selectric—along with print advertisements, and other memorabilia.

Favored by many famous and upcoming writers and poets as their tool of choice, and benefitting from the nostalgia of steampunk and Mad Men, typewriters like vinyl have experienced a resurgence—especially among hipsters. Used book in Good Condition.

Typewriters: Iconic Machines from the Golden Age of Mechanical Writing

Chronicle Books - From the world's first commercially successful typewriter—the sholes & Glidden Type Writer of 1874—to the iconic electric models of the 1960s, intricate details, eighty vintage devices are profiled in elegant photographs and fascinating text that highlights the design modifications, and peculiar quirks that make each typewriter unique.

Used book in Good Condition. Sterling. From functional advances like noiseless machines to luxurious details such as mahogany covers and inlaid mother-of-pearl, a century of design innovation and experimentation is charted in these pages. Chronicle. Packed with visuals and rich with history, Typewriters is the essential story of a writing invention that changed the world.

Typewriters: Iconic Machines from the Golden Age of Mechanical Writing - From the creation of the qwerty keyboard to the world's first portable typing machine, this handsome collection is a visual homage to the golden age of the typewriter.

Typewriter: The History · The Machines · The Writers

Shelter Harbor Press - Personal computers may have replaced the typewriter in most homes and offices, but the venerable writing machine is currently staging a comeback. Chronicle. Used book in Good Condition. Sterling. This celebration of the typewriter covers what a platen knob is, which authors loved or loathed their typewriters, why QUERTY won out over other arrangements of keys, and much more.

A gift book with yellowed paper and typewriter fonts for a cool vintage lookTimeline of the typewriter features key modelsForeword by Paul Schweitzer of Gramercy Typewriter Co. From portable models that hipsters are snapping up in Urban Outfitters to Tom Hanks's bestselling app that recreates the manual experience on a tablet, the typewriter has never been so hot.

Escapements: Typewritten Tales from Post-Digital Worlds Cold Hard Type

Independently published - Mcfeaters, klaus mielke, john munroe, Bill Meissner, Duane Morrison, Eliezane Moon, Christopher M. Contributors include wendell Berry, Ariana Davenport, Jenny Bristol, Rory Bristol, Shelley K. M. Used book in Good Condition. Davenport, Jamie Davies, Frederic S. Mayo, Andrew V. With no digital technology, the world can be a harsh place—and a surprising one.

Larson, la marler, todd Mauldin, Timothy Ley, C. Whatever happens, our typewriters will be there to document it. Glenn, Martyn V. Simpson, maria tolentino, Armando Warner, and Donald Winzer. Pedersen, monica quinn, kim e revay, Jim Pennington, Charly Roland, Andre Gene Samson, Philip L. Halm, scott kernaghan, Lori Hedges, John Howell, Shane L.

Escapements: Typewritten Tales from Post-Digital Worlds Cold Hard Type - Durbin, mathilda-Anne Florence, N. Chronicle. E. Imagine the possibilities in this collection of stories, poems, and art. Ochs, David W. Sterling.

The Typewriter In the 21st Century

Janson Media - Chronicle. Meet authors robert caro and david mccullough — four pulitzer prizes, three national Book Awards and a Presidential Medal of Freedom between them — both typewriterusers with much to say about the creative process and the value of slowing down, and writing — or typing — multiple drafts in an internet culture that rewards unedited and instantly published documents.

Used book in Good Condition. The documentary film the typewriter in the 21st Century is an ode to a marvelous machine that changed the world, and the surprisingly enduring culture that valiantly attempts to preserve its legacy and save it from cultural extinction. Many of these people meet up for “Type-Ins” — gatherings to celebrate their decidedly lo-tech typewriters in a plugged-in, digital world.

The Typewriter In the 21st Century - The film also showcases typewriters once owned by jack kerouac, tennessee Williams, Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway, John Updike, George Bernard Shaw, Ernie Pyle, John Steinbeck, John Lennon, Jack London, Helen Keller, and Ray Bradbury. Shrink-wrapped. Sterling. Filmmakers christopher lockett and gary Nicholson crisscrossed America to conduct over thirty interviews with authors, journalists, bloggers, artists, professors, collectors, students, inventors and repairmen.

Paradigm Shifts: Typewritten Tales of Digital Collapse Cold Hard Type

Independently published - Join storytellers, poets, and artists as they explore the collapse and its aftermath. Shrink-wrapped. Chronicle. Noack, armando warner, reine nust, christopher ochs, aaron schmidt, charles sterrow, Mark Petersen, Richard Polt, Carol Ochs, Cornelia Penner, Nutthawut Siridejchai, Joey Patrickt, Matthew Weaver, Joe Van Cleave, Istvan Takacs, and Brian Zimmerman.

Used book in Good Condition. Durbin, kristofferson harris, trinity grau, Bill Meissner, Jos Legrand, Michael Kitchen, Arkadiusz Hubczuk, Steve Kuterescz, R. Brkich, barbara demarco-Barrett, Catalina Cariaga, Frederic S. Contributors include Linda M. Digital technology is breaking down—and typewriters are back.

Paradigm Shifts: Typewritten Tales of Digital Collapse Cold Hard Type - Montgomery, vinny Negron, Robert Neuwirth, Erich J. Sterling. J. Brechbiel, Valentine J. Au, wendell Berry, David G.

The Typewriter Revolution: A Typist's Companion for the 21st Century

Countryman Press - The connoisseur's guide to the typewriter, makers, surveillance, steampunks, mechanical contraptions that are enjoying a surprising second life in the 21st century, poets, entertaining and practical What do thousands of kids, and musicians have in common? They love typewriters―the magical, and coherence against dependency, striking a blow for self-reliance, hipsters, artists, privacy, activists, and disintegration.

It celebrates the unique quality of everything typewriter, postcards, manuals, posters, fully illustrated with photographs, and more. Used book in Good Condition. Shrink-wrapped. Chronicle. Sterling. The typewriter revolution documents the movement and provides practical advice on how to choose a typewriter, from type-ins to typewritten blogs, how to care for it, and what to do with it―from National Novel Writing Month to letter-writing socials, from custom-painted typewriters to typewriter tattoos.

The Typewriter: An Illustrated HIstory Dover Pictorial Archive Series

Dover Publications - Chronicle. 165 halftones, 95 line illustrations. C. This very rare volume rescues the typewriter from historic neglect. It ranges from the 1829 burt machine, the first to be issued a patent, to more streamlined 20th century models. Shrink-wrapped. Used book in Good Condition. Smith, and Underwood. Sterling. Over 280 different varieties include the Yu Ess, Remington, Ford, Hammond, Oliver, Dollar, Dactygam, L.

The Typewriter: A Graphic History of the Beloved Machine

UPPERCASE publishing inc - Sterling. Used book in Good Condition. Shrink-wrapped. Chronicle.