Cognition: Theory and Practice

Worth Publishers - Cognition: theory and practice iSBN: 0716756676 Used book in Good Condition.

Biological Psychology

Cengage Learning - The most widely used text in its course area, James W. Why? kalat's main goal is to make Biological Psychology understandable to Psychology students, not just to Biology majors and pre meds--and he delivers. Kalat believes that biological psychology is "the most interesting topic in the world, too--with clear writing, " and this text convinces many students--and maybe you, amusing anecdotes and intriguing examples.

Kalat's biological psychology has appealed to thousands of students before you. Another goal is to convey the excitement of the search for biological explanations of behavior. Mindtap, an interactive online learning resource that integrates the text with videos, animations and a virtual bio-lab component, makes learning even easier and more enjoyable.

Sensation and Perception

SAGE Publications, Inc - Sensation and Perception, by Bennett L. Schwartz and John H. The book’s rich examples and applications to everyday life emphasize such high-interest topics as music, neuropsychology, clinical applications, and animal perception systems. Clear, illustrative diagrams and figures along with an extensive collection of online activities allow readers to interact with the phenomena covered in the text, perform experiments, and gain a deeper understanding of key course concepts.

 . Krantz, is a cutting-edge, easy-to-understand account of the modern sensation and perception field presented from both a cognitive and neurocognitive perspective.

Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions

Wiley - The psychological research cited in the text supports a variety of behavioral, physiological, cognitive, and social/personality viewpoints. A focus on lifespan development in health and illness is integrated throughout the text. Authors ed sarafino and timothy Smith draw from the research and theory of many disciplines in order to show how psychology and health affect each other.

The 8th edition of health psychology: Biopsychsocial Interactions has been updated to include a broader picture of health psychology by presenting cross-cultural data. Additionally, international examples are included to broaden the psychologist’s view of health issues around the world and highlight what works in the field.

Research Methods and Statistics: A Critical Thinking Approach

Cengage Learning - This combined book adopts an inviting narrative style that speaks directly to readers and draws them into the material, helping them overcome the initial apprehension they may feel at the prospect of learning both subject areas at once. Focusing on the logic of the process and the methodology aspect of research, Jackson incorporates a friendly critical-thinking approach and presents examples and exercises to which readers can relate.

Cengage Learning. Research methods and statistics: a critical thinking approach, 5th Edition, successfully illustrates the integration between statistics and research methods by demonstrating the ways to use statistics in analyzing data collected during research.

An Introduction to Brain and Behavior

Worth Publishers - Cengage Learning. From authors bryan Kolb and Ian Whishaw, and new coauthor G. Together, they are the ideal author team for guiding students from a basic understanding the biology of behavior to the very frontiers of some of the most exciting and impactful research being conducted today. Campbell teskey, an introduction to Brain and Behavior offers a unique inquiry-based introduction to behavioral neuroscience, with each chapter focusing on a central question i.

E. How does the Nervous System Function?". Now this acclaimed book returns in a thoroughly up-to-date new edition. Founders of a prestigious neuroscience institute at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, Kolb and Whishaw are renowned as both active scientists and teachers. The new edition also has its own dedicated version of Worth Publishers’ breakthrough online course space, LaunchPad, giving it the most robust media component of any textbook for the course.

An Introduction to Brain and Behavior - G. Campbell teskey of the university of Calgary, also brings to the book a wealth of experience as a researcher and educator. It also incorporates a distinctive clinical perspective, with examples showing students what happens when common neuronal processes malfunction.

Conducting Research in Psychology: Measuring the Weight of Smoke

Wadsworth Publishing - Featuring humor and interesting examples that readers can understand and relate to, Brett W. This brief book includes hands-on activities that involve learning by doing, methodology exercises that encourage readers to use their intuition to understand research methods, and methodology problems that teach how to apply basic research principles to novel problems.

Cengage Learning. Pelham and hart blanton's informative and comprehensive research methods book is one that users will really enjoy.

Sensation and Perception

SAGE Publications, Inc - Interactive sensation laboratory exercises ISLE provide simulations of experiments and neurological processes to engage readers with the phenomena covered in the text and give them a deeper understanding of key concepts. The second edition includes a revamped version of the In Depth feature from the previous edition in new Exploration sections that invite readers to learn more about exciting developments in the field.

Krantz connect concepts to real-world applications, such as driving cars, playing sports, and evaluating risk in the military. The highly accessible sensation and Perception presents a current and accurate account of modern sensation and perception from both a cognitive and neurocognitive perspective. Schwartz and John H.

Sensation and Perception - Additionally, new ponder Further sections prompt students to practice their critical thinking skills with chapter topics. Cengage Learning. To show students the relevance of the material to their everyday lives and future careers, authors Bennett L.

An Introduction to the History of Psychology

Wadsworth Publishing - In this seventh edition of an introduction to the history of psychology, authors hergenhahn and Henley demonstrate that most of the concerns of contemporary psychologists are manifestations of themes that have been part of psychology for hundreds--or even thousands--of years. Dreams puzzled early man, descartes postulated that the brain was filled with "animal spirits, Greek philosophers spun elaborate theories to explain human memory and perception, " and psychology was officially deemed a "science" in the 19th century.

Available with InfoTrac Student Collections http://gocengage. Com/infotrac. The book's numerous photographs and pedagogical devices, along with its biographical material on key figures in psychology, engage readers and facilitate their understanding of each chapter. Cengage Learning.

Intimate Relationships

McGraw-Hill Education - Cengage Learning. Drawing on psychology, sociology, family studies, Intimate Relationships is a comprehensive and current overview of relationship science, and neuroscience, communication studies, written in an engaging and accessible style. Supported by smartbook™, mcgraw-hill’s adaptive and personalized reading experience, the eighth edition of this best-selling text includes hundreds of new discoveries and findings from the last three years, as well as over 600 new references.

Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Biological Psychology

SAGE Publications, Inc - It is clearly written, well illustrated, and explains concepts in an engaging and understandable way. It almost reads like a novel, progressing through the topics with a fluency that is rare. Bob garrett uses colorful illustrations and thought-provoking facts while maintaining a "big-picture" approach that students will appreciate.

The text reads like it should―a wonderfully written book. Devolder, St. It’s perfect for my students. Carol L. Don’t be surprised when they reach their "eureka" moment and exclaim, "Now I understand what was going on with Uncle Edgar!"   " The topic coverage is excellent. It is what a student taking an Introductory Biological Psychology course should walk away with.

Brain & Behavior: An Introduction to Biological Psychology - William meil, indiana University of Pennsylvania   "I absolutely love this book. Catherine powers ozyurt, bay path College   "Excellent use of artwork, good coverage of a range of topics within each chapter. M. I have used every edition so far and students seem to read it and grasp the concepts well. I think it is head and shoulders above any other.

The book is just right.